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I am the Vektor Orben memecoin

Vektor Orben meme coin is the first original authentic Hungarian vektor (and prime minister of Hungary also)! ;P

vektororben meme coin

Vektor iz our first authentic Hungarian meme, who teaches the „one way vektors” to be able to see multi-vektorz ! ;D


Hungary iz hungry for all

Learn & Earn with original Hungarian vektorz! ;D

Vektor Orben coin Only EU vs. only BRICS


The International Community Orben Vektor's roadmap Globalist liberals vs. far right conservatives ;P Future telling Crystall Ball vs. Vektor ;D

Orben Vektor new authentic Hungarian political official MEME coin has launched! =D

Vektor Orben meme coin

This is NOT deep fake AI ! This is really true that Trump calls Orban the smartest person etc.! You can search after it on any official channel, that they are really best friends and doing the biggest conservative political party pacts together ( for example CPAC ) ! Western mainstream media even thinks that Trump is controlled by Viktor Orban! You can check it anywhere else also !!!

Orbán Viktor memecoin
Globalist Liberal Logic about Life ;P You just want dumb shit?
Dumb & Dumber + World War 3. vs memecoins NO war, NO migration, NO gender polls George Soros' ASS vs. Hungarian prime minister Vektor Orben + hungarians :D How to stop terror attacks in the EU ? Search on youtube if u don't believe these ;P

 ( USA IQ + „where are countries on the map” videos + statistics from thousands )

Got a license for these memes?
Asians LOVES the Vektor ;P ( in reality, really ) ;P

So EAST vektor or WEST vektor? ;P Stay tuned to find out! ;DD

I show you the vektor! Thanks the All Time High! =))))) Orben vs. Tasman DEVIL doing math


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Only 0,5% FEE overall: 0.3% Buy and Sell TAX ( marketing, memes, development, etc. ) + 0.2% Liquidity pool


+ Green Lock icon here also:…

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+ Renouncing transaction:…

Contract renounced to the contract itself (instead of a „dead” address) so i think this is why some site doesn’t see it as renounced (because they check only dead addresses) but you can check here that it is renounced on itself, because now the contract’s owner is the contract itself, its own address, so noone else can edit it, so it is renounced, please check!)

+ Our article about „Vektor trend”, soWhy will Orben be much bigger trend soon? (like that he is minister in Hungary since 12 years [longest president in place in the EU and will be at least till 2026] and Hungary will be in the next half-year cycle the presidency of the Council of the EU [from 2024 autumn] , so Orben will become even more famous, even though he already very famous at the east (arabs and asians, africans likes him as much as the west hates him etc.):

+ Vektor Orben is now listed here:………

+ Listings here for the Chinese soon (who love Orban, chinese minister visited him a few weeks ago): ;D

  + Listings soon here with infos, links, logo: CoinMarketCap + CoinGecko Listings Submitted also + More coming (like roadmap, etc), just please be patient this is our first coin! Until then you can check at the main domain that we are already very deep into memes, so this site has 1000+ posts with memes, funny videos, etc. where you can find team members, more contacts! 😉 Project created by Luquid Anime team.
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GMO + clones vs. Orben Vektor ;P The ShitCoin DILEMMA ;P
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